Bench Press Competition

Towpath Trail YMCA
1226 Market St NE
Navarre OH 44662
10:00 AM
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This competition is open to men and women. All competitors must be 18 years or older to compete. Judges will be looking for the barbell to touch the chest of the competitor and extend to a full arm extension in order to complete a repetition. Bench press to failure. The highest reps per age group wins! Winners of the competition will be posted on a plaque to be displayed in the Fitness Center. Weight will be determined based on the competitor's body weight. Weigh-ins will be held in the fitness center on the same day as the competition. Women will lift 60% of their body weight while men will lift at 75%. Practice times are available in the month of December, free of charge. Trainers will provide instruction on proper form and how to train to increase weight and reps prior to the competition. Proceeds will go towards the purchase of additional weight lifting equipment. COMPETITION DATES JANUARY 20 - 25 COMPETITION TIMES Sign up for competition time slot at registration PRACTICE TIMES Monday, December 16 10:00-10:45am & 6:30-7:15pm Monday, December 30 10:00-10:45am & 6:30-7:15pm FEE Member $20 Non Member $30 Fee includes t-shirt