Impacting Our Community

This unique event is focused less on speed and more on supporting our community while raising awareness of two causes. Proceeds will be split evenly between the Chance Haines family and the YMCA of Western Stark County Annual Campaign.

Every Day Is A Miracle

Chance Haines is a 7 year old superhero! Read more about his courageous journey at

Although it was recommended that Stephanie and Jason abort their unborn child rather than endure the difficult road that lie ahead, they chose otherwise. They took a chance on their miraculous baby boy, Chance, his name reflecting their determination, love, and faith. 

Born with hydrocephalus, excessive accumulation of fluid on the brain, he underwent his first surgery on his second day of life. He was also born without a crucial part of his brain, the corpus callosum, which separates the right and left side.

Next he was diagnosed with Hirschprung’s Disease and catheterized for his first six months before the removal of part of his colon. Shortly thereafter, another cyst on Chance’s brain needed drained by a shunt and began to cause sporadic seizures.

In August of 2016, Chance was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation. Surgery was done to decompress his spine, removing some of his vertebrae and part of his skull to make room for his brain to grow. Frequent seizures following surgery led to the removal of part of his brain to control them, although he still suffers from epilepsy and needs to have 24/7 supervision.

Chance has left doctors in awe since birth as he continues to meet milestones that were once unthinkable for his conditions. He started school at Fairless Elementary this past year winning the hearts of many, including his girlfriend Kenzie, the reason Miles That Matter was established in 2014. 

The Haines family, including siblings Bryce, Knox, and Gracie, is an inspiration to everyone for taking a “chance” and bringing this child into the lives and hearts of our community. They are seeking the addition of a seizure dog to their family. With a price tag of approximately $17,000, this lifesaving service dog performs a variety of tasks which can be read about in his full story. As we rally around them to bring awareness of epilepsy, let’s help to raise money to purchase Chance a superhero dog!

YMCA Annual Campaign

The YMCA Annual Campaign is a sustaining fundraising campaign that provides scholarship dollars for kids, families and individuals in need of YMCA of Western Stark County memberships, services, and programs. Our goal is to never turn anyone away due to inability to pay. Visit for more details.




Full story of Superhero Chance
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YMCA Annual Campaign for our community
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