Operations Release on 2018-04-18


Streamlined Membership Entry for Staff Members 

Daxko's recent focus on the join experience has led to a better design for members joining online, and now they are bringing a fresh look and time-saving features to staff that are responsible for entering memberships.

While the “Add Unit” and “Renew Membership” processes are remaining mostly the same, they’ve made some noticeable improvements:

  • Less clicks. Larger text, simplified options and more explanatory text make the process more intuitive.
  • Less quirks. We removed some manual processes by reformatting the pages.
  • Responsive. Adding a unit is now easier, on any tablet or screen size.
  • More secure. We added a new permission for auto-renew and deleting fees.

Important Changes: 

  • Some fields are now standardized as part of entering a new membership. Daxko Operations requires these fields for any new member:
    • First + Last Name
    • Address
    • Phone
    • DOB
    • Emergency Contact
    • Gender

These changes were released to your training site on March 7th.  The live site release is scheduled for April 18.

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